Die Apotheke is a classic dice game where you have to use your alchemy skills to make a potion.

Roll the dice and plan your strategy to chain effects.

Or spend your dice to research upgrades to plan the next move.

NOTE: The second skill in the leftmost column is a +1 dice - the image shows a +2 which is an error

Create the best brew with Dice!

⚂ Controls ⚃

Mouse - Drag & drop the dice to interact with the game

Right Click - Drop Dice into the cauldron

⚂ You don't understand how it works?⚃

Don't worry, nobody does.

Let us give you some suggestions that may help you understand the game flow:

1. Why don't you try the red cubes (<=3, >=4, odd, even) at the top of each column? 

The recipes in each column are initially locked. Placing a dice in any of the gaps at the top will unlock them in order .

2. How come that some recipes become inactive after using them and others don't?

In general the recipes are one-use only. But the ones in the rightmost column are reusable, this means they will become active again in the next turn.

3. What is going on with the multiplication column?

Maybe you can try dragging the red number (the result) and use it as if it was a dice.

4. You have any other question about how it works?

Just ask in the comments! We are glad to know what can facilitate the comprehension of the game and don't want you to stop playing it because of our lack of ability to explain it.

⚄ Credits ⚄

Javier Codina

Fer Gueler

Javier Moreno

Daniel Robledo

This game was submitted to #GMTK Game Jam 2022


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A very entertaining game, that had me playing for about an hour until I beat it once! Great visuals and great mechanics. I think it's not hard to understand, but it is hard to play it well.

I'd really reccomend it! Good job!