The music is dying. In silence, people get angry, rioting and searching for an answer. But not anymore.

Our hero will try to save the city dropping his precious boomboxes filled with great tunes to soothe the angry mob of punks, rockers and the hip-hop fanatics. In his adventure, he will try to dodge the raging people wanting more music, while recovering tapes to increase his musical range.

Inspired by the Beginners Circle Jam #1, we tried to make an appealing game homaging the legendary Bomberman, born in the 1980s, with a lighthearted and fun twist. We hope you enjoy the action, and end up saving the city!


Code - Fernando Gueler

Art and Music - Alejandro García Sainz

Emotional Support - Manuel Burrell Osanz

Code Advisor - Pablo Sánchez Pérez


Download 21 MB


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Great character art and menu effect


(Fernando) Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.